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Privacy Policy

We are committed to providing you with a wide variety of loan products backed by consistently top-quality service.  While information is fundamental to our ability to serve you, we fully recognize the importance of keeping your personal information private. 

• We protect your information from unauthorized access, using established and exacting security standards.
• We actively seek to verify your identity before assisting you.
• We collect and use Customer information from applications, account usage and information derived from other sources only to the extent needed to conduct our business.
• We do not share or sell Customer information to anyone that might want to offer his or her products or services to you.
• We take all reasonable steps to dispose of copies of your personal information in an appropriate manner to prevent other persons from obtaining this information.
• We exchange Customer information, to the extent permissible by law, for the purposes of internal funding considerations and risk management.
• We require any organization that provides account services to our company to meet our privacy standards.

Customer Complaint Policy

It is the policy of our company to respond to customer complaints, disputes and issues immediately, to take each complaint seriously, to investigate each complaint however small it is immediately and to take remedial actions swiftly.

As soon as a complaint is received, it is documented and entered into a special log. The complaint is sent directly to the Customer Complaint Officer or his designate, in order to take action.

All complaints and records of complaints are kept in a special complaints binder along with all the Customer Complaint Officer's Quality Control Files and other written policies so employees can easily access them and use them to provide better customer service. Reports on complaints are reviewed during the Customer Complaint Officer's meetings with our Board.  


We are focused on providing financial products and services to all customers in compliance with all Federal and State regulatory
policies including but not limited to consumer protection, fair lending and civil rights laws. 

This summary updates and replaces any other notices about our privacy and complaint policies.  


For the most current statement about our above polices and affiliate sharing, please call our office at 1-305-532-1400, ask for Woody Kahn or write to Yale Mortgage Funding, LLC, 1900 Sunset Harbour Dr. Annex 2, Miami Beach, Florida 33139.  This notice is not part of your loan agreement.

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